First and foremost, Personal Music exists to provide the best possible headphone music listening experience for you at whatever price level is comfortable for you.

    This is done by first having an educational aspect of the overall process. What is sound? What is music? How do headphones work? What are DACs and DAPs? What is the difference between MP3 and Hi Res?

    Using a unique “House Party” format, customers can relax with a small group of friends and likeminded curious music lovers.

   All attendees can hang out with the others and compare listening styles, music preferences and the sounds of the different components.

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

    As music appreciation is one of the most personal and subjective endeavors, there is no wrong way to listen. Personal Music never judges. What is important to us is your complete enjoyment of your musical tastes.

    Personal Music is also open for scheduling visits to the showroom for one on one listening sessions. This is a relaxed and intimate time for an individual to listen to their personal choices of music on an array of headphones and related equipment.

At the Personal Music Listening party, we were able to listen in depth and make critical comparisons with helpful advice and educational information
— Happy customer

our products

Meze headphones and earspeakers are some of the best sound per dollar choices there are.

Final Audio is a highly regarded headphone and earspeaker company from Japan, with models in all price ranges.

Rupert Neve Audio makes professional and personal audio equipment, and has been doing so for over 60 years.

Angstrom Audio Labs, from Italy, makes handmade amplifiers of the highest quality. No circuit boards, point to point soldering and transcendent  sound.

Burson Audio is located in Melbourne Australia, and creates some of the newest cutting edge electronics for headphone listening.